Tanase Butcaru

Hello, world!

I finally found the time to launch my personal website after more than 4 years of working on it excuses.

This ain’t supposed to be just another dev/programming related website with random tutorials, demos, etc. I’ll write things that looks interesting to me, that challenge me in my personal projects and everything that I consider other people might face and need a solution or another perspective.

For eg., at the moment of writing I have a problem with my Linux machine (yup, I use Linux as a desktop and work env) that doesn’t render my custom icons and some video players doesn’t start and all because of an update from two days ago. I have found a temporary solution without removing the package with issues, so that I can watch my favorite TV shows, but this solution doesn’t belong to me so I won’t write a blog post with that, but if I’d have discovered the solution, then that could be a kind of post I would publish here.


This is my first blog post and is just the beginning.

Let’s hope I can write at least 2 posts/week.


Thanks for passing by!

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